Welcome to my blog !
In this blog,contains information about my jouney in Indonesia.Especially Sumatera island.

Sumatra or Sumatra is the world’s sixth largest island located in Indonesia, with an area of ​​443,065.8 km2. Residents of this island of about 42,409,510 people (2000). The island is also known by another name that is Island-percha, Andalas, or Suwarnadwipa (Sanskrit, meaning “golden island”). Then in the inscription of Padang Roco in 1286 it was sculpted swarnnabhūmi (Sanskrit, meaning “land of gold”) and Bhumi Malayu (“Land of Malay”) to refer to this island. Further in the text Negarakertagama of the 14th century is also back calls “Earth Malay” (Melayu) to the island.

Government in Sumatra is divided into ten provinces based on the sequence of formation :

  • Sumatera Utara
  • Sumatera Selatan
  • Sumatera Barat
  • Riau
  • Jambi
  • Aceh
  • Lampung
  • Bengkulu
  • Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
  • Kepulauan Riau

List of mountains in Sumatra

Dempo mountain(3159 m)
Kerinci mountain(3805 m)
Leuser mountain(3172 m)
Marapi (2891.3 m)
Perkison mountain (2,300 m)
Pesagi mountain (2262 m)
Rajabasa mountain (1281 m)

Daik mountain (1,165 m)
Sekincau mountain (1718 m)
Mount Seulawah Agam (1726 m)
Sibayak mountain (2212 m)
Singgalang mountain (2877 m)
Talamau mountain (2912 m)
Tandikat mountain (2438 m)
Tanggamus mountain (1162 m)

I think that’s all about my introduction.And I wish my information useful by you’re.If there’s new information,i will updates it.Thank’s a lot before.



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