Potential Place on Pagar alam, South Sumatera

PAGAR ALAM is  one of potential tourism destination , it is about 633.66 square kilometers. located in south sumatera province, between 4 South latitude and 15 East latitude. The mainland of region borders on Bengkulu province in southern part, and Lahat regency in the eastern, western and northen part.

The temperature varies from 20 to 28 celcius, with average of rainfall between 1.462 to 5.199mm . Since 2001, Pagar alam become  City and tehe motto is ” Agriculuture and tourism city. with religious’ nuance

Entering Pagar Alam, You will get a beautiful scenery along the way, you will excite the  tour. ” Liku Endikat ” is the gate, and just about 25 minutes later Liku lematang waiting for you. There, You’ll find Greatest waterfall in Pagar Alam and it’s certain place to take rest.

Dempo mountain

Dempo mount is the most interest placeto visit. there’s a Tea Plantation and some vegetable plantation. The accomodation such as Hotel, Cottage , and Villa are avaible there. You can take “fresh” breath and walking around. you can visit ” tea factory” too and then going to ” Cughup Embun ” Waterfall, it just about 25 minutes. According to Local people belief , if you wash your face with ” Cughup embun water , You will be younger and keep your skin healthy.

Beside that megalitic object will be your destination. there are ” people wound by snake ” stone [Tanjung Aro] , and “Batu beghibu [ The megalitic remains scatter , House made of stone , statue of ancient people and many more

Nothing to say any more, but… you will get unforgetablle journey in Pagar Alam


this's my photo at curug embun (dew waterfall ) with my little brother

Pagar Alam have Potential asset of waterfall that still nature, and attractive. waterfall at Pagar Alam spread at 25 location,
for example :

1. Cughup/curug Embun Waterfall (embun= dew )

2. Lematang Indah Waterfall

3. Tuju kenangan Waterfall

4. Curahan kasih Bunda Waterfall

5. Muara Tenang Waterfall

MOUNT DEMPO Tourism area

At Gunung Dempo. Tourist can Enjoy the HighLand Besul. Such as : Tea walk, camping , mountain bike , Gantole or Hiking to the Mountain .Gunung dempo also provide accomodation and sport faccilities , Such as : Villa , Cafe shop , Tennis court , lobby room , Take off Gantole, etc.


The megatitic remain scatter everywhere in Pagar Alam city left by ancient people about 2500 to 3000 years ago.

The remains consist of various shapes and sizes , some are like men and animal while the others like stone house or mortar, etc

I think that’s all abou my tour in Potential place this time.  I hope you all interest and come in this Place.Thank you for visit and wait for my others tour


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